Converse Rubber Tracks

by Banana Child

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Grabaciones demos de cuando grabamos en Converse Rubber Tracks.


released May 23, 2015



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Banana Child Lima, Peru


Somos Banana Child, una banda de Surf Rock.

Lima - Perú

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Track Name: Banana Child (Converse Rubber Tracks)
That was your 3rd strike Banana Child,
you don´t usually start the fights
but you were really close tonight.
The girl who dreams of being a star,
is the mainstream character of art,
but today she didn´t realize it at all.
(So don´t use me, cause if you use me i will start to get mad)
Meet me at the street at night,
the street that is in front of your house,
but please don´t speak too loud,
the boy who wons a lucky ride,
it´s a cliche, it´s a trap,
but today it could be real.
That was your 3rd strike oh boy,
you there stepped by the door,
said they can´t hurt you anymore.
Track Name: Empty Room (Converse Rubber Tracks)
A trip through the subway,
a shy voice says Hi and sitting next to me,
a lonely girl says "I like your DB shirt, i love them too".
(You, the moon, craving to be with me locked in an empty room,
would you like to tie me up to a misunderstood)
and with a clover that i keep in my pocket suddenly,
lucky me, how we connect ourselves so easily.
Track Name: The Crab Dance (Converse Rubber Tracks)
Come with me to the prom,
grab your partner by the hand or claw,
take it slow i wanna know if all your doubts about me are done,
prepare your toes, not too fast, not too slow.
Come on baby let´s go.
(One foot left, let´s move along the left,
baby do the crab dance,
one foot right everybody stretch your backs,
baby do the crab dance)
Track Name: Plenty Of Eyes (Converse Rubber Tracks)
You know I´m not a maggot,
I don´t like to be used as a bait.
She says that she likes when I´m a beast,
but don´t when i talk rude to her
(You know there are plenty of eyes looking to me very well)
My sister says I´m a robot because I´ve got no feelings to share,
my baby says I´m a robber because I stole her heart.
You know I don´t have many problems,
but when I have them I care,
and I should have won a nobel cause I am the best thing ever.